Finding Calm and Joy within Myself

When I first picked up the pen, I wasn't sure what to expect. I took a three-second pull, and then I spent the next 30 minutes meditating. Despite the cat's attempts to distract me, I remained in a state of peacefulness and tranquility. It was a truly unique experience for me, completely different from what I had anticipated.

I felt an instant wave of relaxation wash over me. It was as if all the anxiety and panic I had been feeling just moments before vanished. My mind went blank, and I didn't have to exert any effort to think or focus on anything. Thoughts that did arise were overwhelmingly positive and soothing. I felt an incredible sense of calm, safety, and bliss.

My body also relaxed to the point where I felt almost on the verge of falling asleep, yet my mind remained fully awake and aware. It was a fascinating sensation, being in a state of deep relaxation while maintaining a heightened sense of consciousness.

Unlike other meditation practices I had tried before, the pen helped me significantly reduce the "monkey mind" chatter. Any thoughts that did emerge were fleeting and quickly dissolved as I redirected my focus back to my breath. Normally, it takes me much longer to regain control of my thoughts and return to a state of mindfulness, but with the pen, it was effortless.

I even had fun playing with my breath, taking shallow or deep breaths, and sometimes pausing in between. Breathing through my nose seemed to amplify the experience, creating this incredible sensation in my brain. It was like a little aesthetic party happening in my head, and I loved it.

But here's the real game-changer. The thoughts that did come up during the session were different. They weren't as emotionally charged as before. Previous worries or fears that would trigger a sense of anxiety now appeared neutral or even positive. It was as if the pen had granted me the ability to examine these thoughts from a different perspective, one free from fear or distress. I felt an overwhelming sense of safety and trust, a deep knowing that I am protected and secure.

In my second experience with the pen, I took a full 10-second pull, and the effects were even more profound. At the beginning, I started seeing flashes of light behind my closed eyes, like bursts of energy or fluttering patterns. It was amazing.

While I didn't experience any physical tingling, I felt a deeper connection with my breath, especially when I breathed through my nose. There was an overwhelming sense of joy and contentment that washed over me. I couldn't stop smiling and giggling throughout the session. It was like all the good things in life were flooding my mind—thoughts of my cat, reflections on my inner child, and memories of past happy experiences. I couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of life and feel an immense sense of gratitude. It was like a reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed, and I felt so grateful for everything.

This meditation also had an effect on my worries about my upcoming trip to South Africa. Instead of being filled with doubt, fear, and scarcity, the pen transformed my mindset into one of abundance, optimism, and positivity. I felt a deep sense of trust, knowing that everything was aligning perfectly for my journey. It was as if the pen infused me with a strong belief in my own safety and the certainty that I was meant to be there.

Before using the pen, I had doubts and uncertainties about how things would unfold. But now, I approached the situation with unwavering confidence. I knew in my heart that everything would work out just fine. It was a powerful shift from feeling limited to feeling expansive.

One important thing to mention is that I was in control. Unlike other experiences with psychedelics like mushrooms, where it felt like the medicine had control over me, the pen made me understand that this state of calm, joy, and positivity resides within myself. It was a reminder that I have the power to access this mindset whenever I want.

This helped me tap into a deep sense of confidence and trust in myself. I now feel more equipped to bring this positive mindset to every aspect of my life. It's about breaking through my own limitations and embracing the expansive possibilities that lie ahead.

My first two meditations with the pen was an incredible journey filled with joy, happiness, and a profound sense of calm. I feel ready to take on anything with a positive mindset. Moving forward, I'll hold on to these feelings and thoughts, using them as a reminder that fear, anxiety, and stress have no power over me. I'm here to experience joy and spread happiness to others. I'm deeply grateful for this experience and the immediate impact it has had on my perspective. It's an incredible tool that has shown me the power within myself, and I'm excited to see where this will take me! 


This user story was created from an audio recording and transcript of an interview. The user’s words were run through an AI large language model to turn it into a more readable account, and the user approved the final text. The image of the user is a CGI depiction. All the names in this report were changed to ensure anonymity.

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